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Born and bred in the San Francisco Bay Area, I'm a visual designer and web developer who loves researching, grids, typography, clean code, researching, attacking problems and above all learning more about my craft.

I'm fluent in a number of web languages, chiefly, HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript, and dabble in a few others. I also have a firm command of the Adobe Creative Suite. I've done work for companies such as Cisco, Zazzle, eMines, and Computer Information Enterprises.

In my spare time I also help run Talent Loves Us, an organization dedicated to helping current and future creative professionals connect and explore their career opportunities.

My Creative Process


To begin my creative process, I research the problem through communicating with and observing the end user. I attempt to learn about the motivations that drive their actions. I also look to similar problems and solutions to help find inspiration.


After researching, I refine the information I gather to generate different concepts and approaches for attacking the problem. This is done through recording inspiration, impressions and conclusions, sketching, mind mapping.


I build wireframes and prototypes to further explore my concepts and test to see what works. The information gathered is used to help determine the best approach for the final product.


Using information from research, ideas from brainstorming and the exploration through prototyping and wire-framing I craft a solution for the problem.


There is always room for improvement and learning. By monitoring and assessing the solution for a project I can use the information to help me create better solutions in the future.

My Work

“The Next Step” Event and Materials

40 attendees

12"x18" Poster
3"x4" Nametags
5"x8" Brochure

Materials produced in collaboration with the Pixel Club of Davis

“The Next Step” was an event organized by Talent Loves Us with the UC Davis Design Department to help introduce students to the professional design world. Geared towards informing students about the transition into careers, the event consisted of panels sessions with current professionals, mock interviews and workshops on portfolios and starting a design business. I worked worked to plan, organize and manage the event and ensure its success.

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The event was designed to start students planning for professional life. Students got to network with each other and with practicing professionals. Mock interviews gave students to opportunity to practive presenting their portfolio. 5"x8" Agenda 12"x18" Poster 3"x4" Nametag

Work at Zazzle

Zazzle is a company dedicated to allowing users to explore their own creativity and create their own products. At Zazzle I work on a number of projects to improve the visuals and update the methods in which we maintain the site.

As part of my responsibilities at Zazzle I am part of the user testing group. I was instrumental in integrating our site with a third party testing system, created a framework that would handle testing across the site and advised an help plan tests onsite. I also worked to streamline our methods of site update through working with other teams to define specifications and requirements for different tasks and building tools to simplify the execution of those tasks.

As part of the User Testing Team I help plan, create and run A/B and multivariate tests. Worked on creating a CMS to manage content on our homepage. Created and tested responsive email designs. Helped design and develop the responsive version of our Gift Center.

Emails, Interactive Maps

Produced at Belding Associates for Cisco Systems

Created web and print materials for clients such as Cisco while at Belding Associates. Designed and developed a number of web based projects using HTML, CSS, PHP, Flash and Javascript such as email communications, flash banner ads, micro-sites, and interactive elements for web sites along with print projects such as event invitations, handouts and brochures.

Interactive Map displaying conference room locations and capabilities. Information on each location would appear when clicked. Email newsletter sent to Cisco customers. Email designed to get feedback from event attendees.

eMines Website

eMines is a company dedicated to making math fun for kids. I designed and developed their website to convey the same energy that they are trying to bring to learning math.

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Lighting Portal Concept

Developed in collaboration with the CLTC Outreach team

The Lighting Portal is concept for a digital workspace where lighting researchers and developers can have a centralized digital repository for their work. The idea is to allow researchers to have a digital space where they can work collectively together and have a method to share their work with other researchers and companies.

Map showing the concept for the site Information on each location would appear when clicked.

California Lighting Technology Center Signage System

Developed in collaboration with the CLTC Outreach team

California Lighting Technology Center is a organization dedicated to stimulating the application of energy-efficient lighting through research, innovation and partnerships.

After California Lighting Technology Center moved into a new building, they asked me to develop a display signage system that would help guide visitors and tours through the building. These signs would educating them about the center and the technologies it was working on. The final solution was simple, flexible and modular to fit the various spaces and sections throughout the center.

“I Am Me” Poster

7.5"x22", 2 colors
Hand printed

Produced in collaboration with Nane Terayuth

Poster created in a printmaking class illustrating Virginia Satir's "I Am Me" Poem. Working with Nane Terayuth, I create a design intended to illustrate our interpretation of the poem. The design was then printed using photopolymer on a flatbed cylinder press.

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